G Knight Sportsgoods The Journey So Far:

2018 celebrates G Knight Sportsgoods 72nd year, being established in 1946. In the Post WWII era, new sporting equipment was rare, so a repair service for all types of sporting equipment, mainly to schools, was established. Over time and as the economic climate grew, the business expanded into supplying new equipment, again focusing on schools.

Cricket was clearly in our DNA, so with a retail arm specialising in cricket, the business expanded to a supply schools around the country, G.Knight Sportsgoods has grown to be a leading supplier of sport, health and physical education equipment to schools, kindergartens, universities and educational institutions throughout Australia.

New look: For many years our customers associated G.Knight Sportsgoods, with the familiar Knight in Shining Armour logo. Like many brands, we needed to evolve and the time had arrived to refresh our look in 2016. The brief was relatively simple. We wanted to create a distinguishable contemporary logo, a dynamic look, whilst recognising our heritage. So in mid-2016, following much consultation, research and numerous attempts, we introduced our new look. Our new image represents supreme customer service, excellent product knowledge and a forward thinking eye to the future.

From This:
Knight Sport old logo
To This:
Knight Sport new logo

Fast forward to November 2016, which saw the acquisition of the Sportserivce school supply business. This acquisition brought together two well established and strong businesses with long standing experience and outstanding reputations. G.Knight Sportsgoods is now a preeminent sporting goods supplier in Australia. In 2018, Knight Sport is growing in stature, with a new and improved website, new operating facilities and a brand new product catalogue concept.

With access to some of Australia, and the world’s, leading sporting brands, our own range of Knight Sport quality equipment, an infrastructure of scale, size and reach, we are well placed to service the needs of all our customers, no matter what they seek or where they are located.

Customers can also be assured that the range, pricing, service, passion, commitment and personal service will continue

Key Facts

  • Inventory of over 5,000 individual items, including physical education, sporting and health educational equipment, clothing and apparel
  • Key Customers: schools, universities, pre-schools, government departments, educational institutions, sporting clubs and organisations

Business Activities include:

  • Sales, marketing and distribution of sporting, physical education and health equipment
  • 1 specialist cricket retail outlets
  • Distributing products to all parts of Australia & New Zealand
  • Exclusive distributor for several product lines